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Uniden unveils sleek iGO500 GPS system

unidengpsthumbGPS device

Uniden has just released a sleek new GPS device with a 5-inch screen that’s no thicker than an iPhone.

In fact the device looks like an oversized iPhone with its similar brushed silver edging and flat front and rear panels.

The iGO500 comes pre-loaded with the latest Sensis maps of Australian and New Zealand so it can easily direct you to your destination.  

The 5-inch touchscreen displays maps with 360 degree 3D detail. The Landmark Software shows recognisable locations like the Sydney Opera House, the Town Hall or the Melbourne Cricket Ground to assure drivers they are on the right path.

Also on board is 3D Terrain Software which shows road elevations, land contours as well as overpasses and bridges.

There’s also spoken street names, advanced lane guidance to navigate tricky intersections as well as signpost information.

The menu has large icons for simply navigation and predictive text for easier operation on the road.

The Uniden iGO500 GPS system

There’s even a Green Routing feature which can calculate your fuel consumption and carbon emissions and allow the driver to choose the route which will have the least environmental impact.

Drivers also get a warning when approaching fixed speed and red light cameras, school zones and when they exceed the speed limit.

The Uniden iGO500 is available now exclusively from Officeworks for $199.95.