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The Uniden products that are ideal travel buddies for your next road trip

Travel restrictions are now starting to ease in Australia but while we can’t hop on a plane we can jump in the car and head off on a roadtrip. Uniden has a range of products to keep you connected and protected on your drive.

Uniden has three products that are ideal for your next road trip – the Dash View 30 dash cam, the UH600 series of handheld radios and the UPP1000 jump start kit that can get you out of trouble.

UNIDEN DASH VIEW 30 – $399.95

The Dash View 30 has 2.5K video resolution and a slick cylindrical shape but have no screens. Users can view footage captured on the dash cams through the DashView that works on both iOS and Android as well as seeing a live view when connected directly to the device’s dual band wi-fi connection.

The device offers a 140-degree wide angle lens so your videos provide a wide and clear view of the road.

Also onboard is the Sony Starvis Image Sensor which has back-illuminated pixel technology which provides clearer videos in bright and low light environments.


The new Uniden Dash View also have safety speed/red light camera warnings which are constantly kept up to date as well as voice guidance control using the Smart One Touch function.

GPS is also built-in while dual band wi-fi provides a fast connection to transfer video from the onboard memory card to your iPhone or Android smartphone using the Dash View app.

The dash cams come with a 32GB MLC high endurance microSD card to maintain quality recordings and offer quick transfers.

UNIDEN UH600 SERIES – from $$79.95

Uniden has released a range of new UHF radios – the UH600 series – to help adventurers stay in touch when camping, off-roading and hiking in remote areas outside the reach of the cellular network.

Australia is a large place to explore and there are numerous remote areas where mobile reception is non-existent.

The Uniden UH600 radios are built to handle rugged conditions with a lightweight, compact design that’s available in 1.5 Watt and 2-Watt versions for extended range.

The Uniden UH620 series have a communication range of more than 13km so users can stay connected even in the most out-of-the-way places.

Users can enjoy uninterrupted and clear transmissions over 80 UHF channels.

Each unit has a large channel display with a backlight and a rechargeable battery that offers up to 20 hours of talk time between charges.

Also onboard is a Shared Channel Quiet Filter to ensure the radio stays quiet when sharing a busy channel and only permitting transmissions from radios using the same code which makes it even easier for kids and families to use.

There’s also Auto Squelch which can block out unwanted background noise.

The radios also have  carabiner and belt chips so they can be easily attached to clothing and backpacks.


The last thing you want on your road trip is to get stranded with a dead battery.

The Uniden UPP1000 is a jump start kit which also offers portable power and the ability to jolt your car back to life.

It’s even powerful enough to jump start four-wheel drive petrol and diesel vehicles up to seven litres and diesel up to five litres multiple times.

The device can also charge up your mobile devices on the go.

It has an IP67 rating so it can be used in wet conditions and also doubles as a powerful flashlight in poor visibility and to attract attention.