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TomTom now has world’s largest traffic database

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Car GPS manufacturer TomTom can lay claim to the world’s largest database of traffic information to help drivers reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

It’s just hit the five trillion data point mark with TomTom customers worldwide anonymously sending information like travel times and average speeds.

This allows TomTom to provide drivers with the latest traffic information on their GPS devices at any time of the day or night.  

TomTom’s traffic database covers 37 countries and has also been passed on to governments and local authorities worldwide to assist in making road infrastructure decisions.

In total TomTom’s customers have travelled more than 140 billion kilometres on the 30 million kilometres of road in the various TomTom markets worldwide.

The benefits of this this vast traffic database for TomTom products includes:

HD traffic information available in 23 countries including Australia

The TomTom Go Live 820 can provide live traffic updates every two minutes

IQ Routes with the ability to estimate travel times at various times in 31 countries including Australia.

The ability to update map regularly and keep them accurate.

Providing statistical information on the efficiency of road networks, travel time and routes for government and authorities.


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