Modern technology gives us many things.

The Verge TS Ultra electric motorcycle offers remarkable performance – but in total silence

The Verge TS Ultra is the Tesla of motorcycles. The new electric motorcycle can go 0-100km/h in just 2.5 seconds but unlike a regular motorcycle – it’s a silent experience.

There are a series of cameras around the electric Verge TS Ultra – just like a Tesla – that act as sensors to you safe but that also provide the vision for rearview and side view on the display.

There is a small cluster in front of the rider as well as a larger screen to access the settings and riding modes.

These modes include Zen for smooth riding and Beast mode when you really want to cut loose.

The bike has a 375km range and can be charged fully in less than 25 minutes at a fast charger.

Riders love one thing about their motorcycle – the sound.

That’s one thing you won’t hear with the Verge TS Ultra – but it will match a regular motorcycle in terms of performance.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas for CES with support from Samsung, LG and Hisense