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Tech Guide’s 2018 12 Days of Christmas Gift ideas – Day 9: In-car gadgets

Christmas is less than two weeks away and if you haven’t finished your shopping don’t panic, we’ve got for you covered with our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas to help you.

Today were talking about in-car gadgets and devices you can use on the road.

Here are Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas:

Day 1: Cameras

Day 2: Smartphones

Day 3: Wearables/smartwatches

Day 4: Headphones/speakers

DAY 5: Gaming

DAY 6: Tablets/e-readers

DAY 7: Drones/Gadgets

DAY 8: Smart/IoT devices

DAY 9: In-car gadgets

DAY 10: TVs/Blu-Ray/4K

DAY 11: Appliances

DAY 12: Computers

DAY 9: In-car gadgets

Navig8r FHDX 307 Crash Camera – $59.95

The Navig8r FHDX 307 features 1080p Full HD resolution and an 8MP camera, delivering quality images and video for incident claims.

On-screen recording displays the road in front clearly on the 1.5-inch LCD colour screen and the 120-degree wide angle lens captures all necessary details whilst out and about.

Its compact design ensures a small footprint, taking up minimal space on the windscreen yet offering class leading image capture for its price point.

Available from Harvey Norman

Navig8r GPS X 616 Crash – $99.95

Navig8r has integrated GPS into its mid-range 616 Crash Camera and offers drivers the opportunity to show irrefutable evidence of location, time, date, heading and speed along with the video footage.

The 616 GPS is one of the best value crash cameras on the market and boasts a wide angle view of 140-degrees and 1080p Full HD.

Drivers can review their trips using the included PC software to review location, speed, time of day and other information which can be helpful for insurance claims.

Available from Harvey Norman

Uniden iGO Cam 80 – $279

As drivers we are taught to keep our eyes on the road and Uniden has just released the iGo Cam 80 that can record any on road incidents in 4K ultra high definition.

This is one of the first dash cams to offer such high-quality recordings which makes it even easier to distinguish important details like number plates, locations and people in the videos.

Despite the excellent video quality it can produce, the iGo Cam 80 is surprisingly small and can be discreetly fitted to your windscreen with 3M stickers.

It has a 2.4-inch LCD colour screen which can display the current view from the camera and other information like the local speed limit.

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Navman Drive Duo SUV – $479

If someone you know owns a 4WD, boat or caravan and loves to get away from it all, the Navman Drive Duo SUV is the ultimate gift.

Built specifically for 4WD and larger vehicles, as well as being a top of the range GPS plus dash cam combined, it gives guidance for larger vehicles, 4WD routes, information on camping and rest stops, restaurant guides, petrol and much more.

Nonda Wireless Reversing Camera – $US120

Nonda, the company that released car products like the ZUS smart charger and ZUS tyre pressure monitor, has just unveiled its latest car device  – the new ZUS Wireless Smart Back Up Camera.

This is a great solution for those who are driving older or standard vehicles that don’t have a built-in reversing camera.

It has a wide-angle camera with a 170-degree field of view so you can easily see anything behind your vehicle.

It attaches quickly and easily to the license plate frame and there is no need to drill holes or run any cables. It comes with all the tools you’ll need for installation.

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Uniden UPP136 – $149.95

Ever been stuck with a flat battery? The Uniden UPP136 jump start kit can get you out of trouble without the need to call roadside assistance which gives every driver peace of mind.

The powerful 12V portable battery pack can not only jolt your car back to life but also charge up your mobile devices and laptop on the move as well.

Uniden’s UPP136 comes with a set of jump cables with universal 12V clamps to supercharge a dead battery along with regular USB cables for your phone, tablet and other portable devices.

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