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Stay safe this Christmas with the latest dash cams and GPS devices from Navman


Summer is here and it’s time to hit the road. There will be many Australians packing up the car and preparing to head out of town. But having the right device like one of the latest Navman products, can keep you safe and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

After the pandemic restrictions, we now have our freedom. And many are getting back out on the road.

Leading in-car brand Navman has been designing and manufacturing dash cams and GPS devices for more than 15 years and they have been rigorously tested to handle Australian conditions.

But it’s not a one size fits all scenario. Not everyone drives the same and not everyone drives the same vehicle

Navman has a range of products to suit all kinds of drivers whether they are a learner, a professional, a truck driver, if they are driving a 4WD, towing caravans and boats and much more.

Navman has products starting from as little as $169 that still offer impressive features like full high definition 1080P and with safety camera alerts
On the safety side, a Navman dash cam or GPS can help you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

For a start, it becomes your hands-free device after you’ve connected your phone so you can focus on the driving.

Navman GPS devices also offer fatigue alerts after you’ve been driving continuously for more than two hours.

And it can not only remind you to take a break, but also show you the nearest place to stop.

The devices can even remind you to turn your headlights on when you’re driving after dark.

ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) also provides forward collision warnings and lane departure warnings via an audible prompt or voice alert to keep you sharp behind the wheel.

And you’re probably wondering how an Navman can save you money.

Have you seen the size of the fines for touching your phone while you’re driving?

What about a fine for running a red light or speeding? They don’t come cheap.

Thankfully, the Navman can provide an alert when you’re approaching a red-light camera or a speed camera as well as give you complete connectivity to your calls without the need for you to lift a finger.

Another area where people can be heavily fined are in school zones.

Again, the Navman can tell you when you are approaching a school zone and even remind you of the local speed limit on the screen.

The Navman dash cams can also be your eyes and ears on the road and potentially save on insurance claims, loss of excess and more expensive policies.

The dash cam footage, which also includes the location and speed, can be just enough to prove you’re not at fault in an accident.

This footage can be provided to insurance companies and to the police to aid in any potential investigation.

the Navman range includes several dash cams and GPS devices with models to suit all types of drivers.

MiVUETM  150 SAFETY – $169

This value dash Cam can record at full HD 1080p.

But as its name suggests, it also includes several safety features including safety camera alerts, fatigue alerts and a reminder to turn on your headlights if you’ve just left the car park.

Available from leading retailers and


If you’re a bit of a lead foot, this is the dash cam device for you.

The MiVueTM SPEEDOCAM DC (Dash Cam) has two cameras – front and rear – with premium STARVISTM ultra low light sensors onboard to capture brilliant footage in full high-definition 1080p day or night.

The front camera records at up to 60 frames per second so you were able to capture fast moving images in stunning clarity.

Footage can easily be shared instantly via Wi-Fi from the device to your smart phone.

Your current speed is displayed in full on the 3-inch IPS LCD screen as a reminder and in relation to the local speed limit.

The MiVue SPEEDOCAM DC is available exclusively through JB Hi-Fi.


The MiVue 1100 Sensor XL Dash Cam has a 30 per cent larger sensor than other dash cameras so it can capture greater detail by dragging in more light.

The front camera records at 1080p and includes a rear camera so you can capture front and rear footage onto the included 32GBmicroSD card.

That larger sensor also means your videos are clearer no matter the weather or lighting conditions, so you can provide all the evidence you need about an on-road event.

Available from leading retailers and

MiCAMTM GPS – $299

This beautifully designed device is a perfect fit for any driver who enjoys a long road trip.

It has a large 5-inch screen that fits neatly on your dashboard and offers complete navigation guidance throughout Australia and New Zealand along with dash cam protection from its full HD 1080P camera.

It can get you to your destination with spoken street names while also helping you find the nearest parks, petrol stations, cafes, hotels, golf courses and more at the touch of a button.

It can also make and receive hands-free calls and will even read out your incoming text messages.

It’s also available as MiCam Explore if you have a 4WD, caravan or boat and MiCam Truck for professional truck drivers.

MiVUETM M760D – $599

Navman don’t just make devices for cars, they also make a dash cam for your motorbike.

When riding a motorcycle, you must be extra careful and keep an eye out for drivers opening a door on you and other drivers not checking their blind spot.

The MiVueTM M760D includes front and rear cameras with the premium STARVISTM low light sensor so you can capture footage in any lighting conditions.

It is also rated IP67 waterproof with a rugged metal casing and full glass lens, so you get high quality footage in all weather conditions.

It also includes wi-fi for real-time viewing and backup.

so, if you’re heading out onto the road this summer, be sure to consider a Navman to be your driving companion.

It can help keep you safe, keep the points on your licence and the money in your wallet.

* This editorial was supported by Navman