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Navman MiVue ALTA dash cam blends into your car while still keeping an eye on the road

Navman has released its new range of MiVue ALTA dash cams which are designed to blend into your vehicle while still offering great features and clear footage of anything that happens while you’re driving.

For a customer who wants the dash cam to look like a factory-fitted accessory, the Navman MiVue ALTA is the perfect choice.

ALTA is a first of its kind vertical front camera that can be integrated discreetly in the centre of the windscreen and out of sight from the driver.

The Navman ALTA starts at $329 and can be fitted too new and older cars thanks to its slim vertical profile.

“We developed this new range with Australian and New Zealand new car owners top of mind,” said Wendy Hammond, managing director, Navman ANZ.

“When we buy a new car, most of us don’t want to add anything that detracts from its beauty, so we wanted to build a dash cam that offered new car looks, as well as a host of great features for a lot less than drivers would pay for a device from a dealer.

“The result is a high-quality dash cam designed without compromise

“The MiVue ALTA will give drivers the high-quality evidence they need to protect themselves if they are in an accident – clear footage of what happened stamped with GPS coordinates and speed to pinpoint the exact location, and a 3-Axis G-Sensor to provide critical information like direction of impact.”

The MiVue ALTA captures full HD 1080P video which is optimised to look clear and sharp day and night making it easier to view important details like car number plates, road signs and people.

Any impact or sudden braking triggers the MiVue ALTA to save the footage to the included 32GB endurance microSD card.

MP4 footage can be viewed, downloaded and shared after an incident using via wi-fi on the MiVue Pro app.

The ALTA also comes with safety alerts which can be updated monthly via wi-fi so you can receive reminders when approaching red light and safety cameras, entering school zones, railway crossings and accident black spots.

The MiVue ALTA range was developed entirely in Australia by the product managers and built in Navman’s state-of-the-art factories before being tested to ensure it can handle local conditions and wildly varying temperature ranges in Australia.

There are three models in the MiVue ALTA range:

– MiVue ALTA – single front camera: $329.

– MiVue ALTA DC – two cameras recording front and back: $499.

– MiVueä ALTA Workmate XDC: $549. Designed and tested especially for the

Australian utes and small trucks. Regular rear cameras fitted on the rear windscreen on utes where the view can be obscured by the load. This issue is resolved with an external rear Full HD waterproof camera mounted just above the number plate. It also comes with a 10-metre cable for the extra-long trays.

All the MiVue ALTA products include parking mode with the addition of an optional Smartbox ($79) which can trigger the camera via the built in G-Shock and motion sensors to automatically record 5 seconds prior to impact and 15 seconds after.

This is ideal for capturing accidents in car parks.

If the other driver doesn’t leave their details after hitting your vehicle, their car’s number plate will be easily seen via the captured video.

The range is available now from leading retailers and at