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Navman releases new MiVue Alta Workmate XDC dash cam for utes and work vehicles

Navman has unveiled a new dash cam called MiVue Alta Workmate XDC that’s been designed for customers whose vehicle is the tool of their trade so they can safeguard themselves from unfair blame and protect their insurance.

Navman has tested the new device for Australia’s most popular utes and typical working conditions.

The rear dash cam, usually located inside the back window, is placed above the rear number plate to ensure it is not blocked by materials and tools usually founds in a tradie’s vehicle.

It also comes with a 10m cable so you have plenty of slack for larger vans.

Up front, the camera fits neatly on your windscreen with an integrated vertical mount so it can blend into the vehicle a lot better.

And there is no screen to make the device even larger and unsightly on your windscreen.

The new Navman dash cam app be used to access, view and share your videos.

The Navman’s front and rear cameras record at 30 frames per second in Super MP4 Full HD 1080p.

The 32GB memory card is included and the unit writes to the card every two seconds while minimising file corruption.

The Navman offers clear video from the Workmate with a 140-degree field of view and 135-degree FOV with a Sony Starvis sensor onboard.

And it can handle Australian driving conditions after being tested at temperatures ranging from freezing to up to 70-degrees Celsius.

Navman’s MiVue Alta Workmate XDC also provides safety camera alerts and a warning when entering a school zone.

With a Smartbox (priced separately at $79) that can provide constant power even when the engine is off it can record any incident in car parks should anyone strike your car when it’s parked.

The Navman MiVue Alta Workmate XDC is priced at $549 and is available now.