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MG Motor releases charger for homes and businesses that’s suitable for all EVs

MG Motor Australia and New Zealand have released the MG Charge Hub – a new charger which will work with every type of electric vehicle.

The unit can be installed in your home, office or hospitality venue and offers Type 2 charging capability.

There are two units to choose from – the 7kW single phase and an 11kW three-phase configuration.

As more and more people switch to driving electric vehicles, there will be an increase in the number of chargers available for drivers in the community.

But the MG Charge hub can easily be installed in your home either mounted on the wall or on a pedestal for maximum convenience.

It has a low profile form factor and a stylish design that will complement the modern home or garage.

The Type 2 plug cradle is surrounded by RGB LED lighting and it comes with a 5m long cable to offer charging flexibility.

The MG Charge Hub also has 4G, Ethernet and wi-fi connectivity so it can be controlled and monitored remotely.

Naturally the MG Charge Hub works with MG’s own impressive range of current and future EVs.

It will also work with other EVs from other manufacturers with a Type 2 charger.

Older EVs will be able to use an adaptor to work with the MG Charge Hub.

The MG Charge Hub will be featured at hospitality venues across Australia and will also be rolled out to businesses that have applied to be part of MG’s infrastructure roll-out program.

There are up to 3000 chargers allocated to select venues and companies can see of their business is eligible by filling out a form here.

The MG Charge Hub is available now from MG Motor dealers and is priced at $1,990 (7kW) and $2,090 (11kW – suitable for homes with three-phase power).

The 7kW model can charge a typical EV battery in a quarter of the time it takes using the emergency cable that comes with the car.

The MG Charge is also weather resistant so the unit can be installed inside or out.


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