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Grabox launches Australia’s first in-car vending machine for ride share customers

Since the launch Uber in 2012, the ride share industry has seen tremendous growth in Australia. One company has decided to tap into that market and offer Australia’s first in-car snack bar vending machine.

Grabox sits near the centre console and includes a range of drinks, snacks and other things the rider may want to purchase.

The concept has been approved for in car use and the slim vending machine box simply straps to the centre console of the ride-share vehicle with the potential to turn every ride share user into a customer.

Whether the user wants a drink or a snack or other items including sanitary products and even condoms, Grabox can provide it.

It uses a cashless e-wallet facility with the driver receiving a percentage of every item sold.

Grabox is expected to generate up to $200 in additional revenue a month for each driver.

“I am a huge fan of ride sharing and use the service all the time,” Grabox co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Dhruv Kohli, said.

“Over the years, I’ve seen many Uber drivers giving away free mints, lollies and water and thought there must be an opportunity to monetise this service for the benefit of drivers, riders and brands.

“So I decided to create an in-car ride share vending machine solution.

“Grabox has now launched and premium ride share drivers all over the country are starting to install the vending machines.

“Not only will the in-car vending machine enhance the experience for riders giving them a level of service not yet seen in Australia, it will help drivers to increase their ratings and also help them to generate much needed additional revenue.

“Ride share is competitive and drivers face many costs.

“Becoming a ‘vending machine on the go’ will provide drivers with an additional source of revenue to cover the cost of petrol, insurance and other running expenses.

“Even better for drivers, there is absolutely no cost to them what so ever for installing a Grabox.”

The ride sharing industry is only going to get bigger and expected to reach a value of more than $285 billion by 2030.

At the same time the taxi market will shrink to a quarter of this size.

“Riders who have already experienced Grabox are already telling us that they love it.  They are wowed by the convenience of being able to grab something to eat or drink while in the car.

“Drivers also love it because they are able to offer a new level of premium service to their valued riders and also generate more income from their work at the same time.  It is a win win for everyone.

“Imagine having your brand in ride share vehicles across the country?   What a great way to reach millions of consumers.

“In addition to sales items, we are already including free product samples in Grabox to give to riders to help brands grow awareness of new products.

“Thanks to Grabox, ride share vehicles have now become moving retail FMCG showrooms.

“We have already partnered with brands such as Coca-Cola, Mars Wrigley, Hero Condoms and more.

“Based on our current growth projections, we expect to become Australia’s largest vending machine business.”

“Similar concepts have already launched in the US with amazing success and we expect Grabox to grow very quickly here in Australia.”