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IKEA unveils a smart lighting solution you can control with your phone


IKEA is moving into the smart home market with the launch of a lighting solution that can be controlled remotely, automated and adaptable to create the mood and atmosphere for your home.

The IKEA Smart Lighting collection will include smart globes that can dim and switch between warm and cool light with a controller or through the TRADFRI app for smartphones and tablets.

And there’s no need to re-wire your home. IKEA Smart Lighting is a plug and play solution that’s as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

Customers simply swap out a regular globe for a TRADFRI globe which can be linked and controlled through your home wi-fi network.

“IKEA Smart Lighting was designed to enable people to have better lighting at home, in an easy and affordable way,” says IKEA home furnishing expert Helen Longford.

“There are endless possibilities with the collection, for example it can be set up so create a different type of light for early mornings, another setting for late nights and one for working or cooking.


“We also know that being able to dim and adjust lighting is one of the things that people look for and appreciate at home, and being able to do this remotely or via the app with Smart Lighting makes the collection really exciting.

“The IKEA vision is to bring affordable home furnishing solutions to the many people.


“We know from research that existing smart lighting technology is perceived to be too expensive and difficult to understand, so we have worked to remove those barriers to make smart lighting more accessible.”

The IKEA Smart Lighting collection will include:

– TRÅDFRI LED bulbs and remote control

– TRÅDFRI gateway kit and app

– TRÅDFRI motion sensor kit

– TRÅDFRI dimming kits

– FLOALT LED light panels

–  SURTE and JORMLIEN LED light doors for BESTÅ cabinets and METOD kitchen cabinets.


The IKEA collection will be available in Australian stores in early 2018.