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How you can be heard on the radio using the VoiceByte app

If you’ve ever wanted to have your say on the radio but didn’t want to wait on hold for ages then the VoiceByte app let’s you easily make yourself heard.

2GB in Sydney is already using VoiceByte – available on iOS and Android – to gather content from listeners for their programs.

In fact, VoiceByte is being used as a way for listeners to submit a question for Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech to answer during his popular 2GB tech segment every Wednesday afternoon as part of Chris Smith’s Afternoon Show.

It’s not unusual for callers to wait for up to 45 minutes on hold before they get on air to ask Stephen their question.


But now with VoiceByte it’s even easier to contribute your question.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download the VoiceByte app – it’s free for iOS and Android – and create an account. You can log in through your Facebook or Twitter account or with an email address.

2. Go to the record screen and write your clip title and include a hashtag relevant to the program. Each station will suggest a specific hashtag when they call for content but in the case of the 2GB tech segment with Stephen Fenech you can use #2GBtech.


3. Record your question. You have 15 seconds of recording time but don’t worry you can re-record as many times as you want until you get it right.


4. Broadcast. Simply slide the button at the bottom of the screen to broadcast your recording.


5. Listen in to see if your question makes it to air.

The radio station producers now have a browser-based dashboard to allow them to search for and download the VoiceByte content quickly and easily. What makes their search even easier is the hashtag you include in your clip title.

VoiceByte is a social audio microphone that allows users to record and share their voice, with a picture and a link as well if you wish, to Facebook and Twitter so your followers and friends can hear you within those social platforms without having the app.


But if they want to record and share their own content to friends and family they will need the VoiceByte app.

Your voice is the most powerful instrument in the world and conveys the authenticity and emotion that text can never achieve.

VoiceByte can also be used to send private messages to one person or a group of people.

VoiceByte makes it possible to listen to different people and they can also listen back to you so you can hear each other’s content within the VoiceByte app.

When people are listening to each other on VoiceByte they can exchange private audio messages without the need to type out lengthy messages on a tiny onscreen keyboard. You just use your voice – it’s effortless messaging.

VoiceByte is available now for iOS and Android.