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How the internet is spoiling kids’ belief in Santa – and what parents can do about it


Is the internet is spoiling children’s belief in Santa Claus? It is according to the latest research which shows the average age when kids stopped believing in Santa is dropping.

But there is something parents can do about it.

Research by VPN (virtual private network) provider shows the age children stopped believing in Santa has gone from almost nine years old to under seven for kids born in the last 20 years.

And it’s all because of the internet with ads, Google searches and social media the main culprits that shattered the magical illusion for young web surfers.

The VPN HMA has responded to this problem by issuing free software that can hide content that could lead to children prematurely discovering that Santa Clause wasn’t real.

This simple browser plug-in can be downloaded from the HMA website and can hide search results, web pages, social media posts that offer any suggestion that Santa was fake.

These search results are covered up by a reassuring picture of Santa Claus.

HMA – which is owned by internet security company AVG – is a VPN that lets users bypass access restrictions for international sites and services, help prevent personal details being stolen by hackers, safeguards your personal information and hides your online location (IP address).