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How Telstra’s new Go Mobile shared plans work for families and businesses


Telstra has come to the party with shared plans from a single account with its new line-up of Go Mobile plans designed to create packages that suit the needs of a family or business.

The new Go Mobile, Go Mobile Casual and Go Business Mobile plans can offer as much as 16GB per month which can be shared across a number of users.

The idea behind them is to provide the ability for individuals to make and receive calls and text messages from their own devices but all sharing the monthly pool of data.

It is particularly suited to families who have multiple devices.

According to a Telstra survey 35.5 per cent of families have five or more devices and eight out of 10 want the option to share data to get tho most value.

Telstra’s new Go Mobile plans offer this flexibility.

Customers can add additional mobile to a Go Mobile or Go Mobile Casual plan by buying a $40 companion SIM with unlimited talk, text and MMS to standard Australian number and data sharing enabled.

For example, if a mum and dad on $70 Go Mobile Casual plans can connect two additional phones for their kids with two $40 unlimited voice, text and data share SIMs.

This means the family would have 12GB of data to share across the four devices for minimum cost $220 a month.

Customers who take up the Go Mobile or Go Business plans will also receive their choice of a 12-month NRL Digital Pass or AFL Live Pass or a bonus six-month Presto video on demand subscription.


These plans also include Telstra Mobile Protect at no additional cost so parents can regulate the use of their child’s mobile with time-of-day limits for calls and web browsing.

“Our customers have told us they want a simple and affordable way to get the whole family connected on their smartphones and tablets,” says John Chambers, executive director of Telstra Mobile.



“So we’re introducing new options to easily add new voice and data services to our plans so households can create a mobile package that grows with their needs and can be conveniently managed through a single account.”

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