Modern technology gives us many things.

Hexo + drone can fly itself and film your ultimate action selfies

It was the year of the drone at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

There were quad copters of all shapes and sizes including products from drone giant DJI – creators of the Phantom 2 Vision +.

But there was one drone that stood out – the Hexo + – because it can fly itself.

With drones being used to capture video and high-res photography, the Hexo + can make Hollywood-style shooting without anyone touching a remote control.


Now tracking shots and complex angles are possible with the Hexo + autonomous drone so you can be the director and the star of your own movies.

Other drones require the pilot to be always at the controls and some others – including DJI’s latest Inspire 1 have two controllers – one for the drone and the other for the camera.

But the Hexo + offers the sort of freedom that allows you to star in your own videos.


The self-driven drone is programmed using the Hexo + app and has an auto-framing interface to keep the subject centred.

With that in mind the Hexo + becomes the ultimate selfie camera.


It will be able to track and film whatever you’re doing whether it’s riding your bike, running, surfing, skiing, snowboarding or skateboarding.


And your footage is going to be smooth thanks to the onboard 3D brushless gimbal. Users need to add their own Go Pro camera to the drone.

The Hexo + was a project introduced through the Kickstarter crowd-funding site and its support has brought it to CES 2015 and also into production.

You can pre-order the Hexo + now for $US1149 which includes worldwide shipping – but it doesn’t include the Go Pro camera.