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GoGet car-sharing service breach exposes customer data

Security company Norton has warned of the dangers of sharing information with ride-sharing platforms after personal customer data from GoGet car-sharing service was exposed by a hacker.

The GoGet system breach occurred on June 27 last year after an individual tried to access the company’s fleet booking system in a bid to use the company’s shared vehicles for free.

But in the process the hacker was also able to access personal data belonging to GoGet customers.

A 37-year-old man has been arrested over the breach with allegations he accessed the company’s system more than 30 times between May and June 2017.

Norton’s Mark Gorrie says the GoGet breach is similar to the Uber attack in November which exposed personal data from 57 million members.

“This is an example of how data and privacy shouldn’t be mutually exclusive,” he said.

“People need to be wary when using right sharing apps.”

Here are Norton’s tips on how you can stay safe:

– Ridesharing companies have the ability to share data with third parties. Not everyone knows this.

– Before you download these types of apps, it is important to examine the privacy policy of each app. The information you find should be clear about the company’s intent to use your data

– The world has changed because the paradigm has shifted from bank robberies to data breaches, simply because all of our personal info can be easily accessed in one place from companies that store that data

– Until all ridesharing companies are held accountable for how they collect, store, and protect our data, responsibility ultimately falls to consumers to be aware of the companies they conduct business with and to be diligent, educated, and aware of how their data is handled when using services and apps.