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PlayStation Network will be down till May 31

psnthumbpsn outage

Players eagerly awaiting the restoration of the PlayStation Network have been dealt a blow with news the service may not be restored until May 31.

A Bloomberg report quoted a Tokyo-based Sony spokesperson who said an improved security system was still being installed and tested.

The PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been offline since April 21 when the system was hacked.   

Sony’s spokesman Shigenori Yoshida said the company planned to restart services completely by May 31, according to Bloomberg’s report.

Sony held a press conference on May 1 and hoped to have services restored by the end of that week (May 7).

But a blog post by PlayStation said when that statement was made they were unaware of a secondary attack on the Sony Online Entertainment servers and the extent of the damage was worse than first thought.

Last week Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer offered an apology to members who had their personal information compromised in the hacking attack and even outlined a $1m identity theft insurance policy for US users.

Similar protection will be announced for other territories, including Australia, in the near future, Mr Stringer said.

Sony has launched an investigation into the attack but have yet to identify the attacker.

The company was criticised in a US Congress hearing on data security last week for not personally informing each member of the situation.

Instead Sony had opted to keep everyone abreast of the situation via its blog.

There have been no updates to the PlayStation blog since Friday and there are hopes the service will be restored well before May 31.