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PlayStation 3 hits 50m in worldwide sales

ps3thumb2PS3 milestone

Sony’s popular PlayStation 3 has reached the impressive milestone of 50 million sales worldwide.

The device first went on sale in Japan in November 2006 with a Cell processor and Blu-ray Disc player on board.

The console was given a makeover in 2009 with the PS3 Slim edition which was 33 per cent thinner and 36 per cent lighter.   

Sony also announced sales of PlayStation Move motion-sensitive controllers have also surpassed eight million sales since release in September last year.

The PlayStation 3 has evolved into media centre device which can not only play the latest cutting edge games but also Blu-ray Discs in full high definition.

A software upgrade last year also upgraded the PS3’s capabilities to be able to play 3D Blu-ray movies and games on a 3D TV.

The original PlayStation 3 which first went on sale in Japan in 2006The PlayStation Network has also grown in line with the increasing sales of the PlayStation 3.

There are more 75 million registered accounts which supports free online play as well as access to vast library of downloadable digital content like movies and music.

There are more than 2,128 software titles for the PlayStation 3 – many of them exclusive to the platform – for a total of more than 480 million units sold worldwide.


The new-look PS3 slim which was 33 per cent smaller than the original