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On your skates – Atmos Gear has developed electric roller blades

Electric scooters have a become a popular way to get around but get ready for electric skates. Atmos Gear was on show at CES Unveiled and showed there was a new way to get around town.

The in-line skates have wheels slightly larger than regular rollerblades for added speed and stability.

Each wheel has a diameter of 11cm with a wheelbase of 24.3cm.

And to also make way for the motors that power the wheels.

To make the skates not too much larger than usual, the creators decided the battery had to be located externally.

If the battery pack was inside each skate they would be considerably larger and cumbersome.

And the capacity of the battery would be vastly compromised.

To overcome this issue, the battery pack is worn around the riders waist with the battery itself resting in the small of your back.

And being an external battery, the capacity can be much larger. Cables are also running from the battery to a plug in the back of each skate.

The Atmos Gear skates have a hand controller like that used with an electric skateboard.

Like an electric bike the motors don’t engage until you reach a certain speed.

Speaking of speed, the top-of-the-line version of the Atmos Gear electric skates will be able to reach speeds of up to 40km/h with the entry model capable of top speeds up to 25km/h.

That battery pack will allow up to about 20km of range.

If the battery runs out, they can still be used like regular skate and takes one hour to fully recharge.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from Samsung, LG, Hisense and ASUS.