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New Xbox 720 will also be a digital video recorder

xbox720thumbxbox 720

Next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may provide the world’s first glimpse of Microsoft’s latest console – the Xbox 720.

The latest news about the successor to the Xbox 360 comes from a patent which suggests the device will have a built-in PVR (personal video recorder).

Kotaku points out that the upcoming console will serve as both a gaming and entertainment console as well as a digital video recorder.  

The patent suggests the device will be able to record programs in the background while the user is playing a game.

 The recording functionality could also extend to capturing in-game experiences to show off your playing prowess to your friends and family.

Recently the Xbox 360 underwent quite a transformation with the recent software upgrade turning the gaming console into an all-round entertainment solution with extra streamed content and functionality.

The Xbox 720 will incorporate a digital video recorder into the console

This latest patent for the Xbox 360 follow-up – which could be called the Xbox 720 or NextBox – lends weight to Microsoft’s goal of making the console an entertainment hub.

Here in Australia the Xbox 360 can already be used to stream catch-up TV and original content as well as accessing Foxtel pay TV channels.

The recent addition of Kinect – the device which turns player’s bodies into their controller – can now allow users to control their Xbox 360 simply by talking to it.

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