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What you need to optimise your gaming experience at home

This post was sponsored by Hisense

There are a lot of great games being released at this time of year including Red Dead Redemption II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and of course you need a good 4K television to play them on like the Hisense Series 9 ULED 4K TV.

The Hisense TV has a dedicated Game Mode which can offer you an enhanced gaming experience.

With this setting the TV can display the output from the gaming console at its highest speed directly to the screen and bypasses the other features 4K HDR (high dynamic range) consoles don’t need to operate.

The result is a blisteringly fast input response and reduce lag.

The Hisense Series 9 65-inch 4K TV

It’s this speed there can give you the edge when playing online.

It’s this reduced lag that could be the difference between winning and losing.

Today, games are as spectacular and enjoyable as a movie and just as we try to create the ideal conditions to watch that movie in the best possible quality – the same applies to gaming.

Most of the latest games are in 4K and also have an incredible soundtrack as well.

An ideal scenario would be to have a 4K TV and enhanced audio system like a sound bar or dedicated home theatre surround sound speaker system.

Red Dead Redemption II

What’s more is that Hisense brings Harman Kardon acoustic design to its 65-inch Series 9 ULED 4K TV.

All your games will have premium audio because it’s built right in to the TV.

This audio quality comes in handy especially playing online. You will be able to hear your opponents if they try to sneak up behind you.

The only difference here is that not all TVs are created equal to provide the best possible gaming experience.

The Hisense Series 9 75-inch 4K ULED TV

With the Game Mode on the Hisense Series 9 ULED 4K TV it provides that faster response time along with other features to enhance the entire experience.

Those features include local dimming to enhance the dark blacks and dazzling brightness so we can experience these magical worlds as they were meant to be seen.

Lots of the latest games also have HDR and that just adds another layer of quality to the game for the player.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

And, of course, the 4K UHD resolution also comes into play to make the graphics and lifelike images of the game look amazing.

If you’re after the ultimate at home gaming experience be sure to include the Hisense Series 9 ULED TV.

This post was sponsored by Hisense