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Modern Warfare 3 details leaked, set for Nov 8 release

mw3thumbmw3 release

The eagerly awaited Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 8, 2011 according to gaming website Kotaku.

In its report, Kotaku has published leaked pictures and details of the game which will see players fight in cities around the world including New York, Paris and London.

There will also be up to 20 multiplayer maps which take the online component of the game in a new direction with new modes and experiences.  

Not long after Kotaku’s report Activision, the game’s publisher, posted a teaser trailer and confirmed Modern Warfare 3 will be its next major title.   

While most of the details of the closely guarded storyline of MW3 are still not known, it is reported it will tie up all the loose ends of the previous two instalments.

Kotaku revealed the game will feature 15 missions including an invasion of Manhattan by Russian forces and a climactic scene in Dubai.

On top of the multiplayer maps there will also be Special Ops maps which can be played in Survival or Mission mode.

In multiplayer there are levels, according to Kotaku, set in Manhattan, the catacombs of Paris and Mogadishu.

 Images from Modern Warfare 3. Source: Kotaku