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Best PC Gear for Racing Fans

Pedal to the metal, and let’s go! All speed fans love playing video games with racing, but the joy is entirely different when you’re doing it on a joystick or the PC’s keyboard and the racing equipment available.

There are all kinds of stuff available for passionate gamers and racers. You need to find the best gear and connect it to your PC. You can turn yourself into an actual F1 pilot in real simulation cabins within seconds.

In this article, we’re sharing the best gear you can get for your loved PC racing games. We will share the ultimate pieces that will make you feel like you’re on the actual track. Keep reading to see the best PC racing gear and what it is good for.

1. Thrustmaster T300 RS

An excellent set of а steering wheel and pedals that are compatible with both PS and PC. The steering wheel is made perfect, and the rubber finish is standard, but a good set of pedals will cost you extra if you want them, as they do not come in the standard package.

The force feedback and the 1080 rotation are perfect for any racing game. Still, you might get disappointed by the plastic cover of the pedals as they feel cheap and loose. The pedals are metal, but everything else’s plastic. You’ll want to upgrade to a better pedal solution if you have the budget.

2. Logitech G923

This piece is compatible with nearly anything there is on which you might want to play racing games. From consoles to PCs, it can be mounted on anything. It is not the most flawless solution when it comes to racing, but it’s good enough for those who love a simple solution.

Its 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation is respectable, and the force feedback is excellent. It has helical gears, and the wheel has a leather covering, which gives you a perfect grip. A reason to get it is the option for three pedals, which is essential for some rally racing games.

3. Logitech G29

This is an older model, but it is still one of the best on the market. Logitech is known as a company that develops amazing PC accessories, and the driving set is just another example. The G29 is built to make a gamer happy, and that’s what it will do.

Although it uses old technology, the G29 is made strong, the pedals are made of metal, and the wheel is leather-coated. It has 900 degrees rotation, which was amazing a couple of years ago, but the force feedback is not smooth, so this drawback might make you consider newer models.

4. Thrustmaster T-GT

The battle between Thrustmaster and Logitech is obvious, and both have some amazing driving sets. This one is a bit more expensive than the rest, but its features give it the right to dictate the price. However, many will reconsider getting it because they are not convinced about the value they are getting for the money spent.

It features a 1080-degree rotation, excellent force feedback, and a belt system as a drive type. The materials used for the entire set are outstanding, and it is extremely quiet. Still, this might not be important as gamers usually drive with a headset and hear nothing from the equipment.

5. Fanatec CSL Elite

To break the cycle of the previous two brands, here’s an excellent option from Fanatec. These guys created a simple yet powerful driving set with metal pedals and a highly customizable steering wheel. Although the wheel doesn’t have rumble, it still has decent options.

The force feedback is excellent, and the drive type is belt. The entire set is smooth and highly powerful, but you may go broke if you decide to upgrade the basic items with something better, stronger, and more professional.


These five gaming driving sets are some of the best you can get for your racing games. If you still haven’t chosen one, look up the internet and find cheap PC games that will give you hours of joy. With the best racing games and a set of wheels and pedals, you have the chance to race some of the top pilots in the auto racing industry.