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10 Tips for Avoiding Cyber Sickness


Many of us if not last Christmas, this Christmas, will have either bought or been given as a gift a VR headset. And like many other users the excitement of being fully immersed in your favourite game was soon destroyed by the curse of virtual reality sickness or cyber sickness.

Cyber sickness can turn out to be very debilitating with symptoms that range from disorientation to feelings of nausea.  Physical symptoms can range from a mild headache to actually throwing up and once more these symptoms can worsen, ruining the rest of your day.

But before you decide to consign your own headset to the highest shelf or the darkest secret place in your home there are some tips you can take advantage of to help you enjoy your experience instead of dreading it.

  • Recognising why you are experiencing cyber sickness is the first on your list. Cyber sickness is much like motion sickness where the ears and the eyes are telling you conflicting information. Your eyes are telling you that you are moving, flying, riding swimming etc, whilst your ears are telling your brain that you are sitting or standing still. This conflicting information results in our brains having a bit of a melt down and causes the distressing symptoms mentioned above.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with nothing about you that could cause injury. In this way you will keep yourself safe when standing if you happen to move.
  • Make sure your environment is also the right temperature. Playing on virtual reality games can be exciting and temperatures can rise so having a handy fan about (as long as it’s not too close to you) is useful.
  • As we have mentioned excitement, its useful to know that when we become excited during a piece of gaming action our breathing speeds up. If you can regulate your breathing this will ensure you have enough oxygen going into your body which will help to counter the onset of cyber-sickness
  • Take things slowly. This mean only play for a few minutes at a time in order to build up some resistance to the nasty symptoms of cyber-sickness
  • Choose games that are less active to begin with. This is a good tip because when you first go into virtual reality the experience can be exciting enough without a ton of action.
  • When immersed in a game remember to use the teleport option whenever possible as this will take away some of the moving you have to do to get from one destination to another.
  • If you find you are still beginning to experience those distressing symptoms then think about playing at one of the virtual casinos or one of the popular new casino websites where you can try your luck at one of the tables or find a list of best slots sites to try out. These games are full of excitement and action but in a different way to the shoot em’ ups or exploration VR games.
  • Stop for regular breaks even when you have built your ability to last longer in our virtual world, in this way you are conditioning your body each time you play.
  • Have patience. This might seem a silly observation but not jumping into the wonders of virtual reality without considering that it can cause some people sickness is not the cleverest thing to do even if the temptation is great. Give yourself some time and if you follow the above tips you will find that your VR experience will be far more enjoyable.