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Withings launches first smartwatch in Australia with medical-grade electrocardiogram onboard

Withings has released s range of new digital health products including ScanWatch – the first hybrid smartwatch in Australia to include a medical grade electrocardiogram, heart rate and oxygen saturation monitoring.

Also unveiled was Sleep Analyzer the first under-mattress technology that can detect if you might be suffering from sleep apnoea.

Both of these products have both received the TGA approval for medical devices and build on Withings global vision to offer health prevention and health monitoring to its users.

WITHINGS SCANWATCH – $479 (38mm) and $499 (42mm)

ScanWatch Is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to detect atrial fibrillation overnight breathing disturbances and measure oxygen saturation.

To enable its official TGA approval for AFib detection Withings ScanWatch passed three clinical studies with Centre Cardiologie du Nord in France, Georges Pompidou European Hospital in France and Hypoxia Lab in California.

Heart arrhythmias are often underdiagnosed and easily missed if symptoms are not occurring during a doctor’s visit.

ScanWatch can detect AFib thanks to its ability to take a medical grade ECG on demand.

It also allows users to detect if their heart rhythm is slow, high or showing signs of  AFib through a proactive heart scanning feature.

ScanWatch can also identify largely underdiagnosed cardiovascular respiratory and sleep breathing issues early.

Atrial fibrillation effects more than 475,000 Australians with many not even aware that they have this condition.

ScanWatch can detect an irregular heartbeat through the heart rate sensor and it will prompt you to record an ECG on the watch which takes just 30 seconds.

Data collected with ScanWatch is automatically synced with the free Health Mate app so users can get a detailed view of their health.

The Withings watch can also provide sleep monitoring and sleep analysis which includes the length and quality of sleep and can wake users up with a gentle vibration at the best time during a light sleep phase.

ScanWatch goes on sale on November 9 through JB H-Fi.


The Sleep Analyzer has been created by sleep analysts and experts and has been clinically validated for medical grade analysis and even sleep apnoea in the comfort of your own home.

The sensor sits under the mattress on your side of the bed and tracks snoring signals which is a strong indicator you may be suffering from sleep apnoea.

Reports suggest that up to five percent of Australian adults suffer from severe sleep apnoea with a further 20 per cent suffering mild to moderate forms.

The Withings Sleep Analyzer uses a pneumatic sensor to measure respiratory rate body movement and continuous heart rate to track sleep cycles, deep, light and REM and cycle durations on top of overall sleep duration and interruptions.

Withings Sleep Analyzer is priced at $199 and is also available through JB Hi-Fi.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the Withings ScanWatch and the Withings Sleep Analyzer in the coming days.