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What’s the Best Ducted Air Conditioning in Australia? 

Ducted air conditioning is a unique kind of cooling system for a home. It uses a central heating system where the heat in the air is sent through the ducts to another location to heat up or cool the rooms. This type of air conditioning has become increasingly popular since it can be used all around a home and reach spaces that other traditional air conditioning simply don’t.

Australia has four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. As such, having ducted air conditioning to heat the room during winter nights and cool down the room during hot summer days is beneficial.

The question is: where can you find the best-ducted air conditioning in Australia? Look no further because this article discusses the best brands in the Australian market.


The first on this list is Daikin, which is considered one of the best in the industry. It’s even Australian-made! Now you know that there’s thought and consideration of the Australian weather when their models came into development. More than this, Daikin is one of the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturers. They utilize innovative technologies that put their brands at the top of the market.

A Daikin ducted air conditioner provides exceptional heating and cooling, and you can take advantage of advanced features like energy efficiency and Wi-Fi control. Controlling your AC via Wi-Fi isn’t something you can do with traditional and outdated air conditioners, but Daikin covers this!

Furthermore, the brand uses advanced technology so that you can reduce your energy consumption. It means you can use your air conditioning for a long time, save money on energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Don’t we all hate the loud noises of old and traditional air conditioning units? Well, Daikin ducted air conditioning units have a quiet operation. This means that the units would operate quietly. Thus, you won’t be disturbed by the typical loud AC noises while trying to relax or sleep.

You can hire Stinson Air & Solar to install your Daikin ducted air conditioning since it may be challenging for you to set up your AC unit yourself, regardless of the brand. Also, this company can even repair your air conditioning once it has issues. It’s a great service to hire, and they also operate in Australia.

Mitsubishi Electric

Another excellent brand is Mitsubishi Electric’s ducted air conditioning unit. You’ll have different options for ducted air conditioning units with Mitsubishi. Plus, all of the current units are compatible with Wi-Fi control.

However, you would need to install an additional adaption to control the unit through Wi-Fi. You can purchase the adapted MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Controller from Mitsubishi Electric itself. It would be a worthwhile expense, especially if you forget to close your air conditioning unit after leaving the house.

Did you know using energy-efficient ducted air conditioning is an excellent choice if you have numerous rooms or large open spaces in your home? It has numerous energy-saving benefits, and Mitsubishi Electric units also operate quietly. You can experience year-end comfort, especially since you won’t have to hear a noisy unit working to keep the house cool or warm.

You should also note that Mitsubishi Electric is known and proud of its low noise levels in Australia.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric has an exceptional after-sales support service that’s incredibly responsive and reliable. So, if you have any questions that the manual or the Internet can’t answer, you can always call customer service and get answers to your unit concerns. You can rest assured that the brand won’t leave you entirely alone after selling a unit.


If you didn’t know, Toshiba has a significant commitment to creating products that are energy efficient. It uses a wide range of user-friendly additional features, operates quietly, and has an impressive climate control panel.

Toshiba has been in the industry for over 40 years, providing some of the best-ducted air conditioning units on the market. They use a twin rotary compressor for a high energy-efficient rate and power operation.

You can enjoy all of these since Toshiba has measures to keep the noise low. Many users may say that it’s an almost invisible product in appearance and sound. They created a great product that can be effectively hidden in rooms.

Finally, due to the excellent climate control panel of Toshiba units, you can easily manage your AC unit’s cooling, heating, and timing activity. Let’s say you want your bedroom to remain calm but your common room area to feel nice and cosy. You can easily make this happen with little to no effort when you have a Toshiba unit. You just have to manage the settings.


Are you looking for a ducted air conditioning unit that won’t break the bank? Well, Carrier is a great brand to purchase your unit from! It has the typical services of a ducted air conditioning unit. It also has high-tech climate control options and an inverter system, and you can get this at a much lower price than its counterparts.

It’s incredibly reliable since it’s also energy-efficient and has low running costs. It’s even suitable for commercial spaces, from apartments to offices.


Most Australian homes are familiar with the Brand Braemar. It’s one of the best companies for heating and cooling in both commercial and homes. It offers versatility as it offers both split and ducted systems for AC units. You can expect that their ducted units are more popular on the market since they’re affordable and incredibly advanced. It performs optimally and provides additional features like climate control that you can experience year-round.

Braemar’s ducted AC units also have zone control. It means that you can heat or cool different rooms at different times. It’s a great way to save money on bills.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect air conditioning unit that suits your home depends on your cooling and heating preferences. Do you live in a tropical, humid area, or are the summer days just too much to bear? You must consider your area’s weather and how effectively a ducted air conditioning unit can cool and heat your house.