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Want to get your kids off their devices and outdoors? Try the Uniden UH45-4 handheld CB radios

It’s a challenge for all parents to get their kids off their devices and outdoors and keep them entertained but Uniden has presented an interesting solution with its UHF45-4 CB handheld radios.

Now kids can have fun on play dates, weekends away and on camping trips with the new handheld CB radios from Uniden.

The Uniden pack includes 4 compact and colourful walkie talkies which are built tough to handle Australia’s rugged conditions.

The products have been built with an extra layer of safety and security in mind including the Kid Zone which allows parents to control the signals their kids can access.

It also allows them to shut off unwanted conversations from their kids devices so they stay safe and always accessible.

The device is a compact which makes it easy for kids to take their communication device with them weather they are skiing, hiking, shopping, biking or spending time with friends and socialising.

And this is not a toy, this communication technology has a range of more than 3km and an operating time of up to 20 hours.

It’s also a great way to stay in touch in remote areas where there is no mobile phone reception.

Features of the Uniden UH45-4 Walkie Talkies:

– Kid-Zone feature, allowing parents to block out unwanted conversations for their kids.

– 3+km range extender capacity, extending the signal even further depending on the location of the local repeater station and topographical conditions.

– Operating time of up to 20 hours, lasting through all the activities the kids may get up to throughout the day.

– Micro USB Charging.

– Mini compact design, ready to be taken anywhere, and easily transported – perfect for small hands to operate.

– LED Light built in, hence it is optimal for kids to use at nighttime, too.

Find out more here: UH45-4 – Uniden

The Uniden UH45-4 80 Channel UHF CB Handheld Radio (Walkie Talkie) with Kid Zone – Quad Pack is priced at $109.95