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Vodafone offering iPad 2 on a plan from today

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Vodafone today began offering the iPad 2 on 12 and 24 plans so customers can buy them in the same way they’d buy a smartphone.

Users have the the option of paying $0 upfront on a 24 month contract or a partial payment upfront before choosing a 12-month plan.

These iPad 2 plans also include a monthly data allowance starting at 1.5GB which will take advantage of the new faster $1 billion 850Mhz network.  

Customers have the choice of the 16GB or the 64GB models of the iPad 2 3G + wi-fi with monthly data plans of 1.5GB, 6GB, 12GB, 14GB and a massive 18GB.

There is also pre-paid plans where the iPad 2 can be purchased outright with 1.5GB of included data which expires in 30 days.

Vodafone’s 12 month iPad 2 plans for the 16GB model start with a one off $299 payment and costs $52 a month which is made up of the $15 upfront payment and the $37 plan cost and includes 1.5GB of data.

The iPad 2 16GB and 64GB 3G +wi-fi are now available on Vodafone 12 and 24 month plans

For the 64 GB iPad 2 on the 12-month plan requires a $439 one-off upfront payment and $55 a month ($15 payment and $40 plan) with 1.5GB data.

Higher monthly payments include higher data allowances – $29 monthly upfront comes with 6GB data, $39 with 12GB, $49 for 14GB and $59 gets you 18GB.

The 24 month plans require no one-off payment and include the same monthly payments on the $30 plan (iPad 2 16GB 3G + wi-fi) or the $38 plan (iPad 2 64GB 3G + wifi).

“The iconic tablet is a great performer both on our new network built for data, and our existing network – and with a range of payment options, from outright to 12 and 24 month plans, with plenty of data included, customers will get the great value they’ve come to expect from Vodafone,” says Ross Parker, Vodafone general manager of devices.

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The iPad 2 plans available from Vodafone