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Uniden offering free solar panels with its security cameras for year-round protection

A security camera without a charged battery is useless so Uniden is kicking off an offer to include a free solar panel for customers who purchase an eligible Uniden App Cam SOLO 2K wirefree camera.

From now till December 31, 2023, Uniden will bundle a solar panel at no extra charge with a Uniden camera so it will keep the camera battery topped up so you can set and forget.

This eliminates the hassle of having to access the camera and charge the battery and means there is no downtime so the camera is constantly monitoring your property.

Customers who purchase an eligible product will receive an additional solar panel per camera with up to four solar panels available via redemption.

“Year-round home security is top of mind for many Australians, and keeping families and properties safe and secure is essential,” says Brad Hales, national marketing communications manager, Uniden Australia.

“Uniden Australia is committed to enhancing home security and safety, and increasing the value of its outdoor wirefree home security solutions, by offering bonus solar panels across the App Cam SOLO Pro 2K range to help increase uptime and availability of the cameras.”

The following products are eligible for the Uniden bonus solar panel offer: 

– Uniden App Cam SOLO Pro 2K (single pack) – eligible for one bonus solar panel (RRP $99.95 Bonus Value)

– Uniden App Cam SOLO Pro 2K (twin pack) – eligible for two bonus solar panels (RRP $199.90 Bonus Value)

– Uniden App Cam SOLO Pro 2K (quad pack) – eligible for four bonus solar panels (RRP $399.80 Bonus Value)

 “The App Cam SOLO Pro 2K home security camera range is an ideal wirefree security solution for every Australia household,” Hales says.

“The cameras can withstand exposure to the elements, and continuously and reliably capture footage with a 120-degree wide viewing angle.

“Each camera is solar-powered compatible, ensuring seamless recharge and non-stop power during daylight hours.

“This ensures the super HD footage can be recorded and viewed without the risk of the battery being drained, and residents can achieve visibility of their home anytime, anywhere, for greater peace of mind.

“With an additional compatible solar panel, residents can maximise the benefits of solar power and their home security solution.”