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Top CNC Machine Brands in the USA

The CNC machinery market is large and growing, with plenty of competition ensuring that businesses can take their pick of products from a variety of brands at affordable prices. If you are a newcomer to the world of CNC equipment, which includes all sorts of computer-controlled machinery from mills and lathes to press brakes and laser cutters, you might not be familiar with the major brands at play. To bring you up to speed, here is a look at just a few of the top flight performers currently serving the US.

Lincoln Electric

Providing a huge line up of products including both machinery and CNC software solutions, Lincoln Electric supplies gear to organizations of all sizes, and is one of the few publicly listed brands in this particular niche.

In particular it is its automated cutting machines that set it apart from the crowd, with examples capable of carrying out large scale plasma cutting duties on a range of materials. It also makes everything from welding machines to material handling equipment, and is one of the many brands that can be purchased on the second hand market courtesy of Revelation Machinery.


A CNC machine specialist, Hurco makes both equipment and tooling for a variety of tasks, with its multi-axis mills being especially noteworthy for their precision, accuracy and reliability.

It also offers horizontal boring machines, in addition to general purpose lathes which can be adapted to whatever use the manufacturer requires at a given time.

Hurco boasts exceptional control and adaptability, as well as promising to improve productivity and profitability for businesses thanks to the various design innovations it has made to its equipment over the years.


Internationally renowned and popular not only in the US but also across Europe and elsewhere, Haas provides a line up of both vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, in tandem with the expected selection of other automated manufacturing equipment such as lathes.

Like Hurco, it has found further success since its introduction of five axis equipment which uses these extra axes of operation to ensure that more complex shapes can be machined. This is important at a time when additive manufacturing technologies are rising to prominence, ensuring that traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques are still relevant.


With a brand history stretching back a century, Powermatic is one of the oldest names still in contention in the US CNC market today. It is especially recognized for its woodworking equipment, with routers dominating its CNC line up.

Elsewhere in its machinery range it also has manually operated equipment including band saws, drill presses and sanders, as well as air filtration systems and even specialized dovetail machines for advanced carpentry purposes.


While some of its rivals may be eager to court companies looking for large CNC equipment, Tormach instead delivers on machines that are tailored to the requirements of smaller firms with more unique needs.

It is also a brand that has only been around since 2001, yet has managed to gain traction in the interim thanks to its support not only for full commercial operations, but also for amateur manufacturing enthusiasts as well as start-ups.

Bolton Tools

Another manufacturer with far more than just CNC machinery on its books, Bolton Tools caters to commercial customers as well as consumers, with its lathes, mills and drills all offering the perfect combination of performance and reliability.

Part of the broader Bolton Group, its major backing helps it to provide buyers who are looking for a sturdy reputation with a place to spend their cash, hence its appearance on this list.