Modern technology gives us many things.

Top 9 Tech Gadgets for Australian Students


Gadgets are a cozy, even lazy way to make your life easier. Students deserve such help – one that comes at a low cost and provides them with the luxury of time or with a helping hand they so desperately seek. If you’re a college student searching for some affordable gadgets, the items in this list are totally worth your attention.

1.  Smart notebook

Do you like taking notes? Even if you don’t, it is absolutely necessary most of the time. You need notes to study, keep your schedule organized, and write down things you can’t find in the books.

However, writing down notes for every subject and every day can be exhausting. This is why many students began using smart notebooks to replace the annoying manual writing process. All students today know how to type and thanks to smart notebooks such as the one by Evernote, you can literally write or draw faster and easier.

2.  Kindle Paperwhite

Do you own a Kindle? Books and notebooks are too heavy to carry around with you all the time, so you definitely need a Kindle to make your life much easier. Of course, you’d have to find the materials in an eBook format, but once you do, all you’ll need is the Kindle and a single notebook – and you’re good to go.

And since some notebooks allow you to transform your notes into an electronic format, you can use Kindle to study from both books and notes. Based on your budget, you can choose the Kindle type that’s most fitting for you.

3.  Charging rucksack

Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to charge your phone or other smart devices on the go? As a student, you probably carry many things around in a backpack. With a charging rucksack, you can literally connect any of your devices wherever you are and get some juice on the go.

4.  Smart notebook

School demands a lot of note-taking. Well, there’s been an excellent, very popular addition to the tech market that makes lives of students that much easier – the smart notebook by Rocketbook Wave. By putting the notebook in the microwave, you can delete all notes and start all over again. Since most students throw their notebooks after exams, this is a great way to save some money and have some fun in the process!

5.  Echo smartpen

The notebook we mentioned will come very handy, but if you want a truly unique and advanced way to write or take notes – you need the Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen. This pen records all the things that you write and directly uploads them to a cloud. You don’t need a notebook, ink, or anything to write on. Just use the smartpen and access your notes on your phone, laptop, or any other device.

6.  Noise-cancelling headphones

When you live in a dorm or with noisy family members, you’ll often get annoyed by people who prevent you from writing your papers or studying for exams. Yes, you can definitely write my essay on time and join the flat party in the next room, but when you want some quiet time, just put on noise-cancelling headphones and start working.

7.  Portable speakers

No one says that you have to invest in study-related gadgets to make your life easier while at school. Students need to rewind and refuel after a busy, busy day, so you should definitely invest in such gadgets, too.

Speaking of parties, every student needs a tech gadget that allows them to listen to music, invite friends over, or have a party. Having a portable speaker or two can be very handy during your study years.

8.  Automated Virtual Assistant

You might think that only busy, business people need an assistant, but the truth is – students often need it more than anyone else. As a student, you’ll have to organize your time well to be able to meet deadlines, attend all classes, and plan for your study time.

Thankfully, you no longer have to pay a lot of money to get an assistant. There are plenty virtual assistant options that are automated and very affordable.

9.  Smart Coffee Maker

Students live on coffee during study sessions. If you are a coffee-addict like most of your peers, you’ll love smart coffee makers like the Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker.These appliances don’t just make your coffee – they let you schedule it from your smartphone and even remind you to buy beans when you’re out of coffee!

Did you like the items in this list? If you did, you should definitely purchase these small luxuries to make your study years more bearable. Without some help, you can easily get overwhelmed and even depressed. Thankfully, technology makes it possible for students to get some help, even if comes in the form of a small gadget.