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TimePorter can help you store and display your spare Apple Watch bands

You love your Apple Watch and you’ve got a few bands you like to swap out but there is no way to display them – until now. Take a look at the TimePorter from TwelveSouth.

 It provides an excellent way to display and store your extra Apple Watch bands.

Each TimePorter is 25.5cm wide and has room to store up to six Apple Watch bands.

They attach to the wall or the inside of a wardrobe door with 3M Command strips.

When you push the Apple Watch band up into the TimePorter, the rubber section along the top grips the band and holds it in place.

If you have a large collection of bands, then you can connect multiple TimePorters to expand the display.

The end caps of the TimePorter are easily removed to join with another so it looks like it’s one larger unit.

Users can arrange their Apple Watch band by colour or by type and they will always be right at your fingertips when you need them.

With TimePorter, customers can drag their spare Apple Watch bands out of their drawers and display them.

And if they can see them – they are more likely to swap out their bands more often.

The TimePorter from TwelveSouth is available now and is priced at $49.99.