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The new Morphee Zen device can help you manage your anxiety and mental health

Sometimes we just need a timeout of our stressful and busy lives to improve our concentration and manage our mental health. A new device called Morphee Zen can help us do just that.

Morphee Zen Is the latest product in the Morphee range and is a pebble-shaped device that can slip easily into your pocket so you can access it whenever you need to take a mental wellness break.

It can help users manage their anxiety as well as improve their focus anywhere and in as little as five minutes.

Morphee Zen has no screen and is designed to be used completely offline. The device is 7.8 cm wide, 7cm long, 1.2cm thick and weighs 76.8g.

So how does it work?

You plug in your headphones and get comfortable and press the middle button to turn the device on.

Around the edge of the Morphee Zen are six icons so you can choose the session you want to listen to.

These include sounds of nature, relaxing music, deep relaxation, dynamic relaxation, immersive journeys and chrono zen.

There are 72 sessions onboard which were created by a team of sophrologists, hypnotherapists and psychologists.

Each session last between two to five minutes and use both male and female voices.

Here are the session you can listen to:

– 12 Deep Relaxation sessions for a deep physical and mental calm: body scanning, cardiac coherence and visualisations.

– 12 Chrono Zen sessions, targeted relaxation exercises to help you refocus and calm your thoughts in just two minutes.

– 12 Relaxing Music sessions composed on the piano.

– 12 Nature Sounds: the ocean, the desert, the countryside.

– 12 Immersive Journeys sessions for an inspiring, relaxing escape into the great outdoors.

– 12 Dynamic Relaxation sessions for releasing in motion.

The device has been designed to help you relax and relieve stress and can even be used if you have trouble falling asleep or if you wake up during the night.

Morphee Zen can only be used with headphones to help keep your sessions private and to keep you completely immersed in the content.

It will only work with wired headphones which are included with the device.

The company has chosen not to include Bluetooth to ensure the device is always disconnected.

But users can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone jack if they want to connect their wireless earphones.

The onboard rechargeable battery will run for up to two hours in play mode, but users will see a blinking red light when the battery needs recharging.

Morphee Zen is available now and is priced at $119.99 with free delivery.