Modern technology gives us many things.

The gadgets that can enhance the poker experience

You will be amazed at how many poker gadgets there are to enhance and multiply the playing experience. There are both items to play physical poker and online poker that go from inflatable poker tables to computer poker controls. Here we present the coolest and most crazy poker accessories of all.

Pirate Gold Poker Chips

Australian company ONepointsix produces these treasure-chest poker chips for those who want to theme their poker party. These are perfect for playing with kids if you wish to introduce them to the game fun without gambling. Not only do they come with golden skulled coins, but small gems as well. A unique Kraken chip marks which turn it is to play (the button), and the coins come in a vintage-looking small sack. There are two coin sizes, 50 tokens, or the full coins package for a large committee of players.

When it comes to poker chip sets, there are just enough types of crazy designs and options.

Poker Controller

A poker controller looks like something made for the PS5 or new Xbox, but instead it is a wireless computer controller to play online poker. Each button has a unique function to play the game like call, predefine raise amounts with the x1, x2, x3 buttons, pot, and All-in buttons. There is a dial to make incremental betting. A Tilt button on the back acts as an emergency function to activate whenever you feel too emotional and can’t trust your own decisions at one point. It will freeze you out of the game for a specified time. A bet, check and fold buttons complement the controller. Finally, switch between tables using the upper left and long right buttons, just as if you were switching guns on an action game.

Inflatable Pool Poker Table

Poker is the perfect game to play socially at a farm or pool house party with family or friends, and how cool would it be to play it inside the pool without havoc happening at any time?

Inflatable poker tables float over the pool with water-resistant plastic cards and floating chips, so you don’t have to dive every time one falls into the water. Floating chairs complete the set for a relaxing time at the pool, we would only add some umbrellas for the sun and glass holders, and the collection is truly complete.

LED Poker Table

A LED poker table emits this blue neon light that brings into the atmosphere a poker night, which is perfect for a club or a techno-themed poker game. The blue light will make anything white glow, making a real spectacle from the cards and chips.

Note: LED table sets are easy DIY products. Just buy a regular poker table and buy some LED string lights from Amazon with some wood tape. An easy customization that saves money.

Folding Poker Table Top

Want a mobile poker table? Not only would it be easier to carry around to friend’s houses, it can be stored away after playing and not take any space from your living room. The octagon shaped folding poker table includes a 48×48 inch-playing surface and solid wood construction. It comes with a player drink holder for all 8 players and a Vegas-style molded chip tray. To carry the folded table-top, it comes with a black vinyl zipper case.

The poker table game can also be used for blackjack games.

Jumbo Playing Cards

These are huge cards 4 times the normal size made from durable material. What are they for? Most people use them as a collectible item or for making house of cards designs in their living area, but children also enjoy them a lot. Aside from being an exotic item, you can hardly play any decent poker game with these.

Poker Shot Clock

A poker shot clock is used to time players when their turn comes-up. This clock ensures the poker game goes faster with more hands played per hour. The clock is commonly used in Vegas and European poker tables to time players. A common design is a cubical that shows all faces to all sides of the table.

These are some of the most crazy poker gadgets anyone can buy online among other techy stuff like gaming gadgets.