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Tech Guide’s 2018 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 7: Drones/Gadgets


Santa Claus is coming to town!! And it’s that time of year to make sure you’ve completed your Christmas shopping and the Tech Guide 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas can help you find the right tech presents for family and friends.

Today we’re talking about drones and gadgets – this will be one of the most popular categories this year.

Here are Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas:

Day 1: Cameras

Day 2: Smartphones

Day 3: Wearables/smartwatches

Day 4: Headphones/speakers

DAY 5: Gaming

DAY 6: Tablets/e-readers

DAY 7: Drones/Gadgets

DAY 8: Smart/IoT devices

DAY 9: In-car gadgets

DAY 10: TVs/Blu-Ray/4K

DAY 11: Appliances

DAY 12: Computers

DAY 7: Drones/Gadgets

Navig8r Air-20 Wi-Fi Drone – $99.95

Navig8r Air-20 Wi-Fi Drone has wi-fi Connectivity and app control for first person view, the Air-20 is easy to take-off and land, with altitude hold so you can capture the view at a stand-still.

Voice commands and easy trace features make it simple to follow the flight plan and the 360-degree flips and tricks features make this a fun gift to open on Christmas day.

Easily rechargeable via USB charging, the 430xd480 camera resolutions will deliver fantastic footage at an even better price.

The perfect starter drone for young kids.

Available from Big W.

Tello drone – $169

DJI has a drone to suit everyone from beginner to professional and the new Tello drone is an ideal entry product for kids and adults for them to discover the joys of flying.

And the good news is it’s really easy to fly.

The drone from Ryze Tech is powered by DJI’s technology and it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It weighs just 80g.

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Mavic 2 Pro – $2499

The go-anywhere drone – the Mavic – just got even better. The Mavic 2 Pro is an amazing aircraft that boasts a range of enhancements including an even better camera to capture some truly stunning 4K videos and images.

DJI recently introduced the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom – two versions of the incredible folding drone then you can take anywhere to produce incredible results.

The Mavic 2 Pro looks a lot like the previous Mavic Pro with its foldable arms and props which means it is easy to take it anywhere.

It actually folds down to 21.4mm x 9.1mm so you can slip it into a backpack or into your travel bag.

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Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W – $109.95

Holding your smartphone in an upright position and sitting on a non-slip pad, the Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand from Belkin is the perfect kitchen and home gadget.

It is for wireless charging enabled smartphone including the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung, LG, Sony and more.

Ember Mug – $130

Australians love a hot cup of coffee or tea and now you can keep that beverage at the right temperature with Ember – the world’s first temperature-control mug.

Available in Australia for the first time through Apple retail stores, Ember combines world class design with patented technology that will transform the coffee and tea drinking experience.The Ember Ceramic Mug gives drinkers the ability to set and maintain a preferred drinking temperature so it stays at exactly the right degree until the last sip.

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Sphero Bolt – $249.95

Bolt is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.

Bolt was built to shine with a brilliant 8×8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data. Create and customize games and learn to code by drawing on your screen, using Scratch blocks, or writing JavaScript text programs.

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Anki Vector – $449.95

Anki’s Vector is somewhere between a cute puppy and the future of technology.

Vector is a fully autonomous, cloud-connected home robot with a focus on personality and creating emotional interactions.

The device represents a major step toward bringing accessible, functional robot friends to millions of homes.

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AirFly Bluetooth transmitter – $59.95

AirFly is a wireless transmitter that can turn any headphone jack into a wireless connection.

That means you can use your Apple AirPods or other wireless headphones and earphones in your seat on a plane or while you’re pounding the treadmill or riding the bike at the gym.

AirFly, made by TwelveSouth, is about the size of a match box and has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microUSB port (for charging).

The device connects to the headphone jack you want to access with the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable whether it’s on a plane, in the gym, on your TV – any headphones jack.

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Furbo Dog Camera – $359

The Furbo Dog Camera can now help you keep in touch and even give them a treat or two from anywhere.

Pet owners can log into Furbo remotely to see a live view from the camera to find out what they are up to and talk to them as well thanks to the two-way audio.

Now instead of wondering what your dog is doing at home alone you can check in on them whenever you like.

It also has a special mechanism built into the bottom of the product so you can toss treats to reward them or simply play a game.

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Tile Pro and Tile Mate – $59.95 (Pro) and $39.95 (Mate)

For years Tile has helped people locate their personal items or be reminded if they’ve left something behind. Now the company has introduced two new models – the Tile Mate and Tile Pro.

These new devices have a longer range, replaceable batteries and are also much louder.

A Tile can be attached to anything including a bag, keyring, placed inside a wallet or your car, on your bike, in a backpack, in your luggage, on an umbrella or even your pet.

The Tile Pro ($59.95) is 41.6mm wide and 6.5mm thick and has Bluetooth on board so it can link with your smartphone. Tile Mate ($39.95) is 34.7mm wide and 6.2mm thick.

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Alcosense Verity personal breathalyser – $249

There aren’t many tech products that just might be able to save your life or the life of others. The AlcoSense Verity personal breathalyser could certainly be one of them.

The compact device can provide highly accurate readings of your blood alcohol concentration – in the same way the police can in a random breath test by the side of the road.

It can tell you whether you’re OK to drive or not after you’ve had a drink.

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