Modern technology gives us many things.

Take a look at PowerDolphin – the world’s first multi-function underwater drone


When you think of drones, you imagine a device that flies. But PowerDolphin is the world’s first multifunctional water drone that can be used below the waterline in a variety of ways.

PowerDolphin is equipped with a 220-degree dual joint rotation camera and can capture 4K ultra high definition footage underwater.

The device, aimed at Australia’s fishing, diving and water sports enthusiasts, has adjustable front lights to illuminate your underwater photography.

The on-board camera can be used above and below the waterline.

PowerDolphin can photograph above the waterline….

It can rotate 70-degrees above water and 150-degrees below the water and send real time full high definition footage wirelessly to your mobile device via the Vision+ companion.

It has a maximum transmission distance of 1km.

But PowerDolphin more than just an underwater camera.

… and photograph below the waterline

It can also provide an intelligent fishing experience through its integrated PowerSeeker feature which can detect fish within a range of about 43m.

Users can even attach a line to the PowerDolphin and drag it behind the craft and enjoy a whole new way of fishing instead of using a rod and reel.

It can travel by waypoint to your favourite fishing spot thanks to its built-in sonar GPS which maps the ocean floor.

And PowerDolphin can swim faster than an Olympic champion at a speed of up to 5m per second.

PowerDolphin can also bar used in rescue situations

In fact, PowerDolphin could potentially be used by Australian lifesavers to reach struggling swimmers or as a first responder for other marine incidents.

It has a robust and rugged design and three speed gears which means it is powerful enough to tow or be used to remotely release lifejackets, lifebuoys and other rescue equipment.

“The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for Australia’s water sports, photography and fishing enthusiasts, but can also help to protect the country’s shorelines with rescue response.” explains Wally Zheng, the Founder and CEO of PowerVision.

“PowerDolphin provides a new perspective of life under the sea and can assist marine scientists with underwater mapping, as well as help to discover and document Australia’s varying marine life.”

PowerDolphin is available for pre-order and will be priced at $1,299.