Modern technology gives us many things.

Take a look at the devices that can help you save water

Australians are in the middle of water restrictions so forget washing your car or watering your garden with a hose. But there are a range of products that can help users have even greater control of their water usage and save money on their bills.

Even outside of water restrictions, adopting water wise habits should be something we all do and these products can help us do that.


The Eve Water Guard, as its name suggests, guards your water and can detect water leaks and send you an alert to a smartphone app.

The device comes with a 2m sensing cable that can also be used to monitor larger areas in a room.

It Is ideal for bathrooms, laundry, basements and under sinks.

It goes on sale in early February at JB Hi-Fi and will also be available on Amazon, Apple Stores and eBay.


Here’s a device that can give users complete control over their sprinklers from anywhere through their smartphone.

Rachio 3 makes it possible to set schedules for your watering and work out exactly how much your water your lawns needs so it can be watered without wasting a drop.

Available now from Amazon.


The Xiaomi Automatic Water Saver Tap can monitor water flow and allow water to flow only when it detects movement beneath the tap.

So it won’t let you leave the water running unless you’re actually washing dishes or washing your hands.

Available on eBay,, Dick Smith and Kogan.

EVE AQUA – $179

The Eve Aqua adds some smarts to your tap so you can see how much water you’re using and also regulate water flow and set a schedule for your sprinkler so you’re not wasting water.

You can keep your gardens green and also keep your water bills down at the same time.

You can buy it at JB Hi-Fi and it’s also available on Amazon, Apple Stores and eBay.