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Soniq new TV remote can only be operated by men


soniqremote1Soniq has come up with a revolutionary new TV remote control with pheromone technology to ensure men always have control of the device.

The product – called the Control Remote – even prevents females from changing the channel.

Control Remote can detect and store male pheromone information from within a 10-metre radius.

The discreet sensors are located on the underside of the product which becomes completely active when the male pheromone is detected.

But in the hands of a female the Control Remote is a brick.

The technology behind Control Remote was created by Rafil Ploo – a professor from the University of Technology Australia.

The Soniq Control Remote can only be operated by males

“While researching Australian male pheromones from across the country to isolate the particular compounds that function as aphrodisiacs, I realised that simply defining male from female pheromones was ridiculously simple,” said Dr Ploo.

 “It was a typical case of researching with one end in mind and discovering a simple answer to another, which had been staring us in the eye since the 1950s, when the scientific community first understood the workings of pheromones and the advent of television in Australia.

“Off the back of numerous surveys in the past 24 months pointing to a significant number of marital disagreements around television use in Australia, I realised the breadth of marketing opportunities for this simple yet significant discovery.”

The Control Remote is priced at $39.95 and available from April 1.

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