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SCORKL is a small affordable Australian-made product that lets you breathe underwater

To breathe underwater usually requires very expensive SCUBA gear but an Australian company has come up with the world’s first portable, and more affordable, underwater breathing device.

The SCORKL 2.0 is a portable electric SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) which offers easy and endless refills.

With the SCORKL 2.0, users can enjoy 10 minutes underwater without having to lug heavy and expensive equipment.

The product is available for pre-order via the Kickstarter platform which has just kicked off with availability in March 2024.

The SCORKL 2.0 is basically a mini SCUBA tank that is about the size of a large water bottle with a mouthpiece on top so it can be used hands-free underwater.

It also comes with the SCORKL battery pack and air compressor to refill the tank quickly and easily.

The battery pack can be powered by power tool batteries from Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita and Bosch batteries.

There are also USB ports so you can charge mobile devices as well.

“Traditional scuba air compressors are prohibitively heavy and expensive, meaning they can only be stored and operated in dive stores or in a garage,” says SCORKL creator and founder, David Hallamore.

“The SCORKL Electric Compressor, in stark contrast, is lightweight, inexpensive and portable.

“Not only can you plug it into the wall, but you can power it from a boat or car battery as well.

“I’ve always believed that every boat needs a SCORKL for things like unfouling a propellor, cleaning under the hull, moving an anchor, and of course, incredible underwater experiences.

“And now, every boat needs a SCORKL Electric Compressor for effortless, unlimited refills,” Hallamore stated.

Hallamore says he has always been passionate about the water.

“I grew up around the water, and in the water. I’m a swimmer, a boatie, a SCUBA diver, a free diver, a rower, a water polo player, and a sailor.

“I love the water, and the feeling of breathing underwater is truly incredible.

“My dream is to give everybody else the opportunity to experience that.

“SCORKL makes it possible— regardless of age or experience, anyone can now feel that indescribable freedom.”

The Melbourne-based company launched its first underwater breathing device in 2017 which sold more than 8,000 units in 65 countries and generated more than $US2 million in pre-orders.

Users can pre-order SCORKLE 2.0 via its public Kickstarter campaign.