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Samsung introduces new tablets at IFA in Berlin

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Samsung has unveiled some interesting new products at the IFA consumer electronics convention in Berlin.

These include additions to the tablet range – a 5.3-inch and 7.7-inch model which both feature a Super AMOLED screens.

Also revealed was an innovative compact digital camera with a flip-out 3-inch screen to allow photographers to frame a shot from any angle – including self portraits.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the world’s first tablet which will feature a sharp Super AMOLED screen.

The svelte product will only weigh 335 grams and measures just 7.89mm thick so it will be even easier to take anywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 introduced at IFA in Berlin

Powered by the 1.4Ghz dual core processor, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will include the latest Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system which has been optimised for the new 7.7-inch screen size.

It has wi-fi and 3G connectivity so it’s easy to connect to the internet and it even has the ability to make a receive calls just like a smartphone.

It will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions with a microSD card slot to expand the memory by up to an extra 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has created an all new category with the Galaxy Note which can be best described as either an overgrown smartphone or a shrunken tablet.

The device has a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen and has the same 1.4Ghz processor which powers the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

But, as its name describes, the device is also meant to replace your notepad.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch screen and sit in an all new category

According to Samsung’s research there are still a lot of people who still carry around a pad and pen with their smartphones and tablets.

This device comes with a stylus and allows accurate pen-like input on the screen so user can easily jot down notes and even draw pictures on the go.

There will be 16GB and 32GB versions along with a microSD card slot. This device also a smartphone so can easily connect to the internet and make calls.

Samsung MV800 digital camera

Samsung has redesigned the traditional compact digital camera with the MV800.

MV is short for Multi  View which is made possible by the device’s flip-out 3-inch screen that can be positioned to frame shots from any angle.

The Samsung MV800 multi view digital camera features a flip out 3-inch screen

The screen can even be angle to face to the subjects – ideal when trying to line up a self portrait.

The MV800 has 16.1 megapixel resolution with 5 x optical zoom and a 26mm wide angle lens.

Also on board the MV800 are smart filters to create artistic effects along with another feature called Funny Face which allows users to manipulate and stretch portraits on the device.