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Rumour round-up before tomorrow’s iPad 2 launch

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Tech Guide has arrived in San Francisco for tomorrow’s Apple event which we’re expecting to be the big reveal of the iPad 2.

There are strong rumours that Apple CEO Steve Jobs, currently on medical leave, may also make a surprise appearance at the event.

The front of the Yerba Buena Cente for the Arts, the venue for tomorrow’s event has been decorated with colourful bubbles surrounding Apple’s unmistakeable logo.

iPad supplies are reportedly drying up among Apple resellers and even showing up as “Deleted” in Best Buy inventories in the US.

Apple, of course, has not released any details about the event and what we will be seeing.

But  here’s summary of the rumours which have been circulating the internet.

Here’s what we think we’ll see with the iPad 2

Front facing camera – for FaceTime and Skype video calls. (Highly likely)

Rear camera  – for use with FaceTime and Skype to show off what you can see and to take photos. Probably won’t have a flash. (Likely)

Retina Display – the amazing screen seen for the first time on the iPhone 4 is the highest resolution screen on a smartphone and there is talk the new iPad will have a Retina Display as well. It would add cost to the device and also poses a problem for developers who would have to change their apps to fit the resolution. (Unlikely)

Dual core processor – will add greater speed to the product with the silicon likely to be created by Apple itself in the same way they did for the original iPad and iPhone 4. (Highly likely)

Thinner design – sometimes it’s not enough for the product to have improved specs but also a new look as well. The rumours seem to be pointing to a thinner and lighter design. (Likely)

Colours – pictures have surfaced of a white iPad frame which lends strength to the rumours the new iPad will be available in a range of colours. There may be a white iPad 2 but we doubt there will be a rainbow of colours. (Unlikely)

Cloud-based storage – another feature which could be revealed at tomorrow’s event is a new feature with Apple’s Mobile Me service which allows online storage. There have been suggestions the new Mobile Me service will be updated enable users to store their content – music, movies, pictures – in the cloud and, therefore, not taking up space on the iPad’s onboard memory. (Likely)

The Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts today - venue for the Apple event

The rumours have been circulating for months but we’ll all find out tomorrow.

You can follow Tech Guide’s live tweets inside the event here.

The event is due to start at 5am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.