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Ring unveils its first-battery powered Video Doorbell Pro to keep an eye on your front door

Ring has released it first battery-powered version of the Video Doorbell Pro to allow customers even more flexibility to keep an eye on what’s happening at their front door.

The device incorporates radar-powered 3D motion detection along with Birds Eye View to give users more accurate alerts.

Customers can set areas where it wants the doorbell to detect movement using the radar-powered Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye view to reduce unnecessary notifications.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro offers 1536p HD video which delivers impressive clarity thanks to dynamic image processing and high efficiency compression so you can see a pin sharp live view or recording.

Even at night or in low light situations the colour night vision also comes into play and draws in streetlights or landscape lighting to illuminate the video and offer clear colour.

The Ring doorbell also incorporates noise cancelling audio+ to provide crisp and clear two-way audio which makes it even easier and clearer to communicate with visitors at your doorstep.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro has been built with privacy and security at its heart with the ability to set up privacy zones which allows customers to block areas inside the camera’s field of view which they would rather not record.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro works with other Ring products including the Ring Stick Up Cam and work with Alexa to enable customers to create an integrated whole home system when pairing it with an Echo device.

Customers can also choose to receive alerts on compatible Alexa devices and allow them to see and hear and speak to visitors through an Echo or Fire TV device.

For example, if the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro is connected to an Echo Show device, customers can receive alerts on the devices display and simply say “Alexa, show me the front door” or drop in on live view to see a real time feed through the doorbell’s camera.

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro goes on sale on March 20, 2024, and will be priced at $349.