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Qantas to trial wi-fi in-flight entertainment system

q-streaming copyqantas trial

Qantas will begin trialling a new in-flight entertainment system which will stream content to passengers on their own wi-fi compatible devices.

From October, Qantas domestic travellers will be able watch the in-flight entertainment on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The new Q Streaming service will also allow passengers to watch TV programs and movies on an iPad 2 supplied by Qantas if they don’t have their own device. 


The system would work by creating a wi-fi network aboard the aircraft.

Compatible wi-fi devices can then join the network during the flight and access a wide variety of content.

The Q Streaming trial will run for six weeks aboard a B767-300 from the end of October till early December.

“We are very pleased to be the first airline in the world to trial this wireless streaming product,” says Alison Webster, Qantas executive manager customer experience.

Passengers will be able to view content using Q Streaming on devices like the iPad 2

There are a number of airlines around the world which offer in-flight wi-fi to connect to the internet on handheld wi-fi devices like smartphones and tablets.

We used this service aboard an American Airlines flight from New York to Las Vegas with an iPad.

The Q Streaming service will also use wi-fi but will limit the service to streaming content aboard the aircraft and will not allow passengers to connect to the internet.