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How to protect yourself from credit card skimmers this Christmas


Whether you’re using your credit cards for your Christmas shopping or on your travels, there is a real danger criminals could be “skimming” your credit and debit card or passport to steal money and possibly even your identity.

The good news is, there is a way you can protect yourself and your family by placing an RFIDShield – that looks like a credit card – in your wallet, purse or passport holder.

With the rise in popularity of the convenient Tap and Go and PayWave technology, this has made it easier for criminals to rip off RFID chip credit cards and debit cards.

And it can all happen from up to 20m away and without you knowing a thing.

At this time of year with shopping centres packed, customers have their credit cards out to complete their Christmas shopping.

It’s also a busy time of year for crooks. Credit card fraud increases dramatically during the holiday period.

Customers are buying quickly and might not even notice if a skimmer steals a few dollars here and there.

The RFIDShield cards are equipped with the latest 6th generation of jamming technology and also come with the LED warning light to show it has detected a scanner and that it is actively protecting your credit cards.

The RFIDShield cards require no batteries or charging, no registration and no software or apps or updates.

They actually draw power from the skimming devices criminals use.

The instant the threat is detected, it creates a 90mm protective efield which prevent your cards from being scanned.

The RFIDShield has also been independently tested and certified to meet Australian standards.

The RFIDShield technology is not only housed in card but it is also offered in a wallet/purse, in a passport holder and in a phone cover.

All of these form factors work the same way and protect whatever is inside whether it’s a credit card, debit card or your passport.

As a special offer to Tech Guide readers, RFIDShield has created special value packs at a discounted price.

If you go to the RFIDShield website and click on “Shop” in the top menu. You will find the Tech Guide 12 Pack of RFIDShield Cards for the reduced price of $169.

A single RFIDShield cards is $29.95 so you’re getting some value here, and there are enough to share with your family and friends to protect all of them.

Also on offer is the Tech Guide Personal Protection Pack for $69.95 which contains an RFIDShield card, a Passport holder and an RFID slimline wallet.

To by each of these items individually would add up to almost $100.

You purchase the special Tech Guide RFIDShield value packs or any other item through the website link here.

It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind especially at Christmas time.