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Peloton launches new gaming-inspired Lanebreak Tread fitness experience

Peloton has launched new interactive fitness content that’s been tailored for its popular Tread and inspired by gaming to offer an enhanced experience on the treadmill.

Lanebreak Tread is a gamified workout where the objective is to match and sustain speed and incline to keep up with animated cues on the screen and achieve the highest score possible.

You can score points by following visual cues called Moments.

With adjustments to the incline on the tread it’s possible to stay in lanes that contain Moments while adjusting speed will complete the requirement of each Moment to score your points.

The Tread’s hardware capabilities are showcased with this new experience when it provides an immersive auto incline through a new Hill Moment.

When you hit the hill, the Tread will automatically adjust the incline and follow the curve shown to the user on the screen.

Lanebreak Tread also includes a pacer which rewards users while following an interval workout.

There are also updated visuals and controls which have been redesigned with running in mind including new Tread inspired avatars and a range of pace-based difficulty options.

“The Peloton experience has been infused with gamification principles since the beginning, with features such as the in-class leaderboard, achievements, and streaks,” says Tom Cortese, Peloton’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer.

“Lanebreak was created to offer an entirely new workout experience that combines an expertly designed workout with immersive graphics, energizing playlists and enhanced game mechanics. Lanebreak classes are fun, immersive, and drive you to hit workout cues in a unique way.

“Lanebreak Tread has been informed by Member feedback and we’ve injected the excitement and competitive elements of gaming to create a fitness experience that is tailored to the Peloton Tread.

“As with all we do at Peloton, we’ll continue to iterate by adding new levels and music genres.”

And of course it’s all backed by a pumping soundtrack which is determined by specific workout types and the level of difficulty.

The levels range in length from 5 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes and incorporate different music genres and artists.

Peloton Members can find Lanebreak Tread in the More Runs tab at the bottom of the screen.