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Peloton introduces Lanebreak – a training experience that’s like playing a game

Peloton – the connected bike and exercise experience – has rolled out new fitness content that combines a gaming aspect with the latest music for a new style of cardio workout.

Peloton Lanebreak gamifies (yes, that’s a word) the exercise experience where riders can match and maintain their resistance or cadence based on the cues they see on the screen to get the highest possible store.

So imagine a game that requires you to maintain a certain intensity – in this case your cadence and leg speed – while trying to avoid multiple obstacles.

Riders control a wheel-like avatar and are offered incentives to challenge their response rate and output.

In other words, the harder you work, the more points you’ll score.

The Resistance knob on the bike acts like a joystick of sorts and allows you to turn the avatar left or right and change between the six available lanes.

Lanebreak is made up of three core sections.

The first is Beats where blue bars are on the track and riders earn points by being in the right lane.

Next is Breakers where orange moments allow riders charge faster and raise their output and award points for completing.

Streams offer longer green moments where you must maintain a cadence within the target range to score points.

And like a regular game, Peloton Lanebreak has several levels of difficulty as well as different playlists and workout types with each level ranging from beginner to expert.

The levels also vary in length and can be played across all music genres including David Guetta, Peloton’s own DJ John Michael Mixes, pop, hip hop, Latin and dancehall.

“The Peloton experience has been inspired by gaming since the very beginning,” says David Packles, Peloton senior director, product management.

“From the real time Leaderboard that lets you compete with others, to the detailed stats that show your progression over time, we have always used gaming elements to push members to work out consistently and keep coming back for more.

“With Lanebreak, we take this a step further, offering members an interactive experience that challenges them and rewards them in real time for their actions.

“We are particularly excited about this as it exposes an audience who may not be as comfortable or familiar with gaming-inspired experiences, to how powerful it can be as a motivator.

“We are still early in our journey. Over the coming months, members can expect to see new mechanics and challenges introduced to Lanebreak.

“We’re also actively exploring new platforms and formats. As with everything we do, we look to members for inspiration and insights, and cannot wait to hear what the community has to say.”

Peloton Lanebreak is available now to All-Access member on Bike and Bike+.

Peloton Bike is priced at $2,645 and includes a 21.5-inch high-definition touchscreen, two channel audio with two 10W speakers.

Peloton Bike+ is $3,695 with a 23.8-inch high-definition anti-reflective screen which can rotate 360-degrees and four channel audio.

All-Access Membership priced at $59 a month is also required with a Bike purchase so members can access the complete library of classes.