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Orbitkey’s stylish new products allow you to organise your keys and accessories


We love products that can help you get organised and Orbitkey have come up with products that solve everyday problems including the Ring, Clip and Strap to manage the essentials you need to carry everyday like keys, ID tags, membership cards, water bottles and much more.

Orbitkey, a Melbourne-based company, has created an ecosystem of products that can be used individually or together.

It has also solved the problem of attaching and detaching keys from a keyring – an exercise that often results in broken fingernails and frustration.

Its Ring mechanism is as secure as a regular keyring but far easier to use. A simple two-step motion opens Ring so you can load your keys and then lock it back into place again.

The Ring joins the Clip, the Strap and Organiser which, when used together or separately, improve the efficiency and accessibility of your everyday go-to essentials.

These products are basically a keyring, carabiner and a strap but, after successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the company has been able to apply its craftsmanship and design to offer higher quality versions.

“From the outset we wanted to create something that was truly flexible and versatile,” said Charles Ng, Orbitkey design director and co-founder.

“Each component from the system is designed to seamlessly work with each other and your belongings.

“It is designed to allow you to be more flexible with the things you carry.”

THE RING – $17.90

As simple as it seems, the Ring is a handy product which allows users to load their keys without needing a sharp object.

It is made of high strength stainless steel and has a patent-pending locking mechanism and is slim enough to fit any type of key and accessory.

THE CLIP – $49.90

The Clip, available in black or tan, makes it easy to clip your belongings to your belt loop, your handbag or backpack and are easy to detach and reattach and interchange keyrings.

And you’re not limited to using Clip with just keys – it can also be used for ID tags, a flashlight, a drink bottle or anything else you want to attach.

THE STRAP – $42.90

This simple yet elegant leather strap that can be worn on your wrist and used to attach your keys and accessories.

Other uses would include attaching it to your phone or compact camera or anything else you need by your side like a torch.

The Strap is made of premium full grain leather and is available in black or tan.


The Leather Key Organiser is made from genuine cowhide leather and allows users to fit up to seven keys inside

Having them inside the Organiser means they won’t rattle around and it will prevent them scratching anything else in your pocket like a smartphone.

And, as its name suggests, you can easily organise your keys and fan them out when you need them.