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Now there’s a mini projector for your iPhone

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There has never been a shortage of iPhone accessories but a Japanese company has raised the bar and produced a micro projector for the device.

Sanwa Supply’s 400-PRJ101 DLP micro projector slides onto an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and can project your picture and movies for nearly three hours.

And when the device is not being used as a projector it can be used as a back-up battery to completely recharge the iPhone.  

Featured on Tech Crunch, the device takes up to five hours to charge completely.

The iPhone projector can produce an image up to 65-inches in size on a plain wall with a resolution of 640 x 360.

The Sanwa Supply 400-PRJ101 mini projector

The 400-PRJ101 also has its own speakers which can be used alongside the speakers on the iPhone.

The Sanwa Supply 400-PRJ101 is priced at around $250 but can only be purchased from Japanese shopping sites like Flutterscape and the Japan Trend Shop.

The Sanwa Supply iPhone projector can produce an image on a plain wall up to 65-inches

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