Modern technology gives us many things.

New device lets you shop for the right food for your body using your DNA

Trying to stick to a diet and make an effective change in your life can be hard and we normally rely on marketing to make our decisions. Now there’s a product that will let you use your DNA to make the right choices for your body.

You can actually shop for the right food with your DNA.

Before we tried to find the best diet to suit our body but now with DNANudge – you can shop for products that will suit your body make-up.

Because of our genetics we’re all different and our bodies handle food differently.

It’s our DNA that determines what food is good or bad for us.

So how does DNANudge work?

First you have to capture your DNA. It’s simply a matter of swabbing inside your mouth and placing it on a small cartridge.

The cartridge is inserted into a small device called the NudgeBox which extracts the DNA from the swab and loads into in a personal capsule which is then inserted into a wristband.

The DNABand can be worn like a fitness tracker and it has a barcode scanner which can be used to scan any food item to see if it’s OK for your body.

If the light on the scanner goes green – the food is good for you.

But if the light goes red after scanning – the food is not for you.

The band can also act as an activity tracker and if it detects a lack of movement if you’ve been sitting for a long time, the light will turn amber and encourage you to stand and move.

There’s also a companion app for DNANudge which offers reports on the food you’ve chosen and how it will affect your metabolism, the number of calories and fat content and the obesity risk.

Users will be able to track their progress and their diet with the knowledge they are making choices that will suit their body.

DNANudge is expected to go on sale in Australia later this year.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense