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Navman’s MiVue M820D is a dash cam designed for motorcycles

We know Navman makes dash cams for cars but now they’ve released the new Navman MiVue M820D which has designed with industry-leading features for motorcyclists to protect them whether they are riding or parked on the side of the road.

Dash cams are ideal so you can prove your side of the story and motorcyclists have been unfairly blamed in accidents but were unable to defend themselves without video footage.

With the MiVue M820D dash cam that all changes.

It has discreet front and rear cameras to capture the journey in full HD 1080P at 60 frames per second.

The video is shot in Super MP4 which saves a file every two seconds to reduce the chance of corruption.

Under the hood is Sony’s premium Starvis sensors front and rear to provide even more detail in all kinds of lighting editions as well as offering superb contrast and rich and accurate colours.

The front and rear cameras have a 140-degree field of view.

It also has built in GPS and a 3-axis G-Sensor and footage is tagged with precise location alongside speed and the direction of travel.

Footage can be accessed and downloaded from the dash came with MiVue Pro app.

For the first time ever, the MiVue M820D allows motorcyclists to protect their parked bikes thanks to the introduction of parking mode.

This feature offers front and rear motion detection and any movement that knocks the motorbike will trigger a series of recordings which will allow riders to provide proof for their insurer and chase down the person who damaged their motorcycle.

The M820D also offers premium alerts and will let you know when you’re approaching fixed speed and red light safety cameras and school zones.

Riders can also enjoy a feature that allows them to create trip-lapse videos to condense their best long rides into short shareable clips using both the front and rear weatherproof cameras.

Video footage is saved on the included 64GB endurance micro SD card.

The MiVue M820D is easy to install and can be hard mounted and hardwired to the bike so it never needs to be disconnected even for charging.

The MiVue M820D is available now and is priced at $579.